Best Kids Watches

I can remember as a kid one of my favorite things was my kid’s watch. It had a black band with a red plastic bezel that would rotate like a diver’s watch and I would constantly play with it. And consequently, my mom would always be yelling at me to stop. Nowadays, kids have so many options with watches that help teach kids how to tell time, to cheap kids watches that are waterproof and can be worn 24-7, as well as a range of kids digital watches that kids love because they’re cool. So we took a look at some of the best kids watches in each of the following categories.

Best Kids Watch for Learning to Tell Time

Best Girls Watch for Telling Time

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Best Boys Watch for Telling Time

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One of the best ways to teach your kids to tell time is to give them an analog watch. And one of the best kids watches for the job is one that teaches them to tell time. Timex has a line of analog watches for both boys and girls that helps them to learn how a clock works.

Each watch has the hour and the minute hand labeled and the outer region of the watch is notated with how long it is past or to the hour. Each side of the watch even tells them whether to use past or to, so easy to see this somewhat difficult concept.

Each version of the watch has a hardened plastic case and a strong mineral crystal window that resists scratches and the watch is water resistant up to 99 feet. The boys version has a tractor theme with a soft canvas band that has tractors equipment while the girls version uses a pink and purple flowery theme both on the watch and along the canvas watchband.

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Best Kids Waterproof Watch

Best Kids Waterproof Watch Blue

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One of the coolest watches we’ve seen that is good for swimming and playing in water is the Speedo Kids Swim Watch. Technically, watches aren’t waterproof, merely water resistant to a certain depth and this watch is good all the way down to 165 feet so it’s good for swimming, showering, snorkeling…basically anything short of scuba diving. But what makes this watch stand out over others is the cool colors and unique oval design. It’s got a comfortable polyurethane band that works well in the pool and doesn’t degrade from the chlorine and comes in a variety of fun colors such as neon green, blue and a soft pink and white.

On top of all this, is the fact that it’s a really good watch for timing with both a stopwatch with laps as well as a 5 second countdown timer.

The one thing that gave us some hesitation in choosing this watch was that because of all of the functions it might be difficult for them to get back to the main time/date screen. The way we look at it is that you have to give the kids some credit that they will be able to figure it out once they have had it for a while.

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Best Kids Digital Watches

Best Kid's Digital Watch Pink

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Best Kid's Digital Watch Blue

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The best kid’s digital watches are the Ironkids Sports watches made by Timex. These watches are digital watches that offer the same basic features you would expect from a regular adult digital watch; things such as a stopwatch, a countdown timer, an alarm so they’re never late coming home from a friend’s house, and the famous Indiglo night light.

But what set this watch apart from other sports watches is that it is specifically designed for kids use. The simple display has the time and little else, the rugged plastic case and the shock resistant watch parts, and best of all the quick Velcro FAST WRAP strap.

The Ironkids watches come in two basic colors: a sporty pink one for the girls and a blue and white one for boys and girls. Each one has a kid loss protection plan which is a nice added benefit, although if you do lose the watch it’s only a few bucks to get it replaced anyhow.

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