Best Kids Walkie Talkies

Kids love to play with walkie talkies. Whether they are policemen or firefighters and need to report to base or are spies that have to communicate with their fellow spies, walkie talkies are a great kids toy. But what they usually don’t realize is that it’s a great tool for keeping in contact with your kids. Granted, in the era of the 5th graders having cell phones this is less of an issue, but if they haven’t gotten their smartphone yet, a walkie talkie can be used to keep in communication when your kids are beyond shouting range. Below is our pick for the best kids walkie talkies.

Best Kids Walkie Talkie

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We couldn’t help it. When looking at all of the different 2-way radios out there, this one by far was the coolest and most functional. The AGPtek wristwatch walkie talkie will satisfy all parties involved. Originally designed for campers and hikers who needed to stay in contact, the wristwatch radios feature a built-in transmitter that the child talks into, has a clock for the time, and can scan multiple channels. The watch also comes with a headset that the child has to wear to receive incoming transmissions. The packages come in 2 and 4 watches so depending on the size of the party you can equip multiple spies. The walkie talkies tout a state-of-the-art technology and are actually very advanced walkie talkies and even have a lithium-ion battery, but they cost relatively little. In fact, we were astounded at how cheap these really are.

Now there is a catch. The advertised “up to 6km” which is about 4 miles is probably under ideal conditions and you can’t expect to contact them that far every time. That being said you should be able reach them if they are just riding their bikes around town.

One other issue that gave us a little bit of hesitancy in this recommendation is that there have been reports of a few duds out there. Nothing spells disappointment like opening the headsets only to find they won’t charge. So, if you are giving them as a gift, you may want to charge them and give them a test run before wrapping them up.

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Second Best Kids Walkie Talkie

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While the AGPtek really are the best walkie talke for kids, they did come with some cautions of poor performance. So rather than leave you hanging, if you don’t feel like gambling we’ve got a second choice that’s more reliable. For our runner up, we recommend the Motorola MH230R two-way radio. These units are real walkie talkies that are used by professionals, you just happen to be giving them to kids. They actually cost a couple bucks less than the spy walkies talkies above and they have a full range of features (22 channels, 11 weather channels, hands free accessories, rechargeable battery, etc.). The reason we’ve chosen these is due to both price as well as durability. These walkie talkies can take the punishment that boys and girls throw at it.

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Other User Suggestions

LEGO Walkie Talkies – What could be a better walkie talkie for kids than one make out of Legos? Well, it’s not made out of Legos but it does have the same Lego brick styling and it’s super easy to use; just push the button and talk up to a mile away.

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