Best Kids Tricycle

Now that summer is here and the kids are looking for fun outdoor activities (such as the best outdoor kids games), getting your kids a good trike is a great way to encourage activity and health while also being deceptively fun. But not all kid’s trikes are created equal with numerous different styles, from the low-riding big wheel cruiser styles to the put a handle on the back to get them started, it can be tough choosing from the diverse selection.

Seeing as I have a nostalgic appeal for the old-school metal kids tricycles, our recommendation is the Schwinn Roadster 12-inch trike as the best tricycle for kids. If metal trikes aren’t what you had in mind, send us an e-mail using our contact page and we will be happy to review other types.

Best Kids Tricycle

Best Trike for Kids

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As mentioned above we chose the Schwinn Roadster 12 inch tricycle as our best kids tricycle. There were several things that really made it rise to the top; namely: that it is metal (and better quality), that it is extremely safe, it’s very kid friendly over a wide variety of ages and that it is easy to assemble.

The construction on the Schwinn Roadster trike is exceptional. It’s starts out with a metal frame that’s been painted either red, blue or pink. The rubber tires are way better than the plastic tires and make cruising on the trike much smoother and easier (not to mention quieter). There is a wooden plank on the back where you can take on another rider (sibling, friend) and that is real wood and shellacked some 23 times (not really 23). Then there are the other touches that give it the old school kids tricycle feel: the chrome handlebars with the tassels hanging off the ends, the little bell that they will ring over and over, the chrome fenders… everything’s there.

The other thing that is nice about the Schwinn Roadster kids tricycle is that it is safe. To start out with it has a low center of gravity so you don’t have to worry about them dumping it and taking a spill and even if they do manage they are basically sitting on the ground so they can’t fall far. Then there is the construction of the trike; the solid metal is rugged and has even been rumored to handle a trip down some stairs.

Back of the Schwinn Children's TricycleThe Roadster is a kids trike designed for ages 2-5. Kids who are 24 inches tall can easily scoot along on the bike and it will last them until they get to about 45-50 inches tall.

Assembling the Schwinn trike is easy. It comes in four separate pieces and with the instructions you have it up and ready to go in about ten minutes. Can’t beat that.

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Between the solid construction, the quality of the bikes and the fact that it’s pretty fairly priced (around 70 bucks on Amazon) the Schwinn Roadster is definitely the Best kids trike.

Runner Up

Second Best Tricycle for KidsThe runner up for best tricycle for children is the Radio Flyer Classic 10″ tricycle. This tricycle is more similar to the one I had growing up. It also has the solid steel construction with quality rubber wheels, but what makes this one different is that it has the more traditional higher bike seat. This may make a difference in that it’s more like the standard bicycle position where as the Schwinn Roadster is more like a recumbent bike. Anyhow, the Radio Flyer Classic Trike is a great first bike that can help kids learn to ride; it has an adjustable seat so that they can start young and have the trike grow with them, it has a push handle that can help get them used to the bike as well as help them learn to peddle and it has a very controlled turning radius that makes riding smoother.

The Radio Flyer child’s tricycle comes in both Red and Pink and is designed for ages 2-4. There are a lot of great details with the Radio Flyer trike, such as the chrome handle bars with the classic rubberized grips, but there is also a lot that makes it feel cheaper; such as the plastic peddles and the steel ride along step. That doesn’t mean that it’s poor quality, just not as detail oriented as the Schwinn Roadster.

Click Here to Buy the Radio Flyer Classic Red 10″ Tricycle

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