Best Kids Toy Helicopter

One of the hottest new toys this year is the radio controlled (RC) helicopter. These things are everywhere and it seems like everyone’s house I go over to has one (and by the way they are not just for kids, a lot of my adult friends play with them just as much). I remember when these toys first came out, they were made with cheap Styrofoam and plastic, only had one propeller and was near impossible to control. Well, they are still made from plastic which is only slightly more durable (although some have metal components), but the dual prop helicopters are much easier and a lot of fun. Below is our pick for the best kids toy helicopter.

Best Kids Toy Helicopter

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For the RC toy helicopter category we like the Syma S107 R/C helicopter. It has a built in gyroscope that uses the latest gyroscope technology which makes it W-A-A-Y easier to control. The helicopter has three channels: one for lift (up/down), one for steering (left/right) and one for propulsion (forward/backward). These controls make flying the helicopter easy and once you get the hang of it you will be maneuvering this bad boy through all sorts of crazy situations. The fun part is learning to hover as it does require a little bit of skill and patience.

The Syma S107 uses a metal alloy frame making it pretty durable, although there still are some plastic parts that will break after repeated abuse. In fact, you may want to pick up extra blades as once one goes down the heli is done.

The flight time is about 8 minutes or so which is pretty good for such a small battery but it goes by so fast when you are focused on flying. And it does take a fair amount of time to charge (approximately 40 minutes or so) so this is something you will have to help your child with if they tend to be impatient. Charging is easy to do, simply connect the helicopter to a computer or the remote using the supplied cable, or you can purchase an external 110 volt adapter.

The best part about this toy helicopter is that it is very easy to fly (compared to other helicopters). It takes just a few minutes to get the hand of it and any child 9 and up should be able to manage flying it without destroying it the first go round.

Recommended Age: 14 years and Up

Click Here to Buy the Syma S107 R/C Helicopter

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