Best Kids Telescope

A telescope can be a great gift for any child who has shown an interest in constellations, stars or even just looking at the moon. And just like the best kids microscope it is an excellent education tool. And with telescope optics becoming so cheap, you can pick up a really good telescope for not a whole lot of money. But even then, you want to make sure that any telescope you buy for a child will be easy enough to use that they maintain interest and don’t get frustrated. So with that in mind, here is our recommendation for the best kids telescope.

Best Kids Telescope

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We like the Celestron AstroMaster 70 AZ refractor telescope. The reason that this one tops our list is because it is packed with high end features but doesn’t have a high end price, making it one of the best values for telescopes hands down. But it is also very user friendly and can easily be used with a child 10 and up. On top of that, it has gotten very good reviews with many people recommending it as a gift for a child.

Some of the AstroMaster highlights:

Refractor style telescope – Refractors use lenses that make it easier to use and shows crisp images of the moon.

Alt-Azimuth Mount – This style of mount is a smooth mount that with the pan handle makes it easy to make minor adjustments as well as scan the night sky.

Electronic star pointer – the star pointer helps kids identify stars with a red dot sight. This takes some getting used to but a child will be able to master it in no time.

Simple Installation – Good for Dads as well as anxious children, the telescope uses quick release handles and has a no tool setup so you can literally take it out of the box and snap it together.

This is a telescope that will last for many years and is a excellent choice for parents looking to buy one good telescope. There is a small learning curve and younger children will have to be coached, but I can guarantee you, once you’ve shown them something cool, like the moon up close, they’ll be hooked.
Recommended Age: 10 and Up

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Runner Up

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The runner up is the Barska Starwatcher Refractor telescope. This model is also a refractor telescope and is advertised as a student model. It doesn’t have quite as many features; the mount is a pan-head style which isn’t as fluid or easy as the alt-azimuth and it’s only a table top tripod which could be good if you don’t have room to setup a full telescope. What’s nice about this model is that it’s got ample power, a complete carrying case for if you want to go out away from the light pollution, and it’s a couple bucks cheaper.
Recommended Age: 10 and Up

Click Here to Buy the BARSKA Starwatcher Telescope

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