Best Kids Portable DVD Player

In this era of technology, kids have grown used to the convenience of on demand entertainment. Now whether that’s for better or worse is up to you, but I can tell you one thing, I am very jealous of kids these days who can watch whatever they want in the car. I would have killed for something like this. I would say the about 90% of the portable DVD player use is in the car and therefore this portable DVD player for kids review is geared towards long and quiet car trips.

The Best Kids Portable DVD Player

Best Portable DVD Player for Kids

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Our top pick for the best kids portable DVD player is the Colby 7-inch Portable DVD player. This model (TFDVD7052) is the tablet version meaning that it has the screen and controls all on one section (as opposed to the laptop version that opens and closes like a clamshell). In addition to DVDs it plays CDs and MP3s too and works with an extensive list of formats (DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, JPEG, and MP3).

It has both analog (Yellow, Red and White RCA style) and digital audio and video inputs/outputs so it can work with you home theatre system as well. There are two headphone jacks which is perfect if you have two children and there are built in speakers as well.

It uses a lithium polymer battery for extended play time that will last for a full length feature film.

The Colby DVD player also comes with a car kit that includes both an AC adapter for plugging into the wall as well as a cigarette adapter for use in the car. It even includes earbuds for private listening and a remote control for backseat playback control.

The reason we loved this portable DVD player for kids is because they thought of everything you could possibly want in a car DVD player right down to the batteries in the remote. The tablet feature is extraordinary and you can tell it was designed for car travel.

All of the controls are accessible from the front and it loads the DVD on the side. This makes it tricky to load when it’s mounted on the car headrest but you can always take it down.

The dual headphone jacks are a great feature so long as you have only two kids that you have to entertain; beyond that you have to get creative.

Now if you are thinking about getting two players (one for each child or each headrest) there is the ability to configure the units so that one has the video/audio output and the other has it as an input (it’s a switch that toggles back and forth) and you just have to purchase an extra dual RCA cord.

The earbuds may be a little rough for younger kids who don’t understand the concept fully and it might be better to purchase an extra set of padded kids headphones.

The only possible downside is that the built in speakers are on the weak side and if it gets loud in the car they tend to get drowned out.

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