Best Kids Microscope

Whether you’re looking to provide your kids with an alternative to the video games, or you are hoping to instill a love for nature and science, a good kids microscope can provide your child with both a learning environment as well as quality entertainment. Children love looking at things up close, discovering new things and being able to see the “invisible” microscopic things they’ve never seen before. Below are our pick for the best kids microscope.

Best Kids Microscope

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Our choice for the best microscope for kids is the My First Lab Duo-Scope. In fact the quality of this microscope rivals those found in high schools and colleges. This microscope features a solid construction using a powder coated metal core that provides for smooth focusing action (which is important for impatient children). It’s got real glass optics and the three objectives that can provide 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification. This is enough power to see everything from dead bugs to microscopic bacteria and everything in between. One of the finer features of this microscope is that it uses two separate LED lights that provide ample light for viewing both solid objects from above, as well as translucent objects from below. The microscope also comes with a decent sized kit which contains pretty much everything you need to make up your own slides (microscope slides, cover slides, staining solution, etc.).

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recommended age: 10 & Up

Runner Up

The runner up, ironically enough, was the My First Lab I explore Scope. This is a stereo microscope (has two eyepieces) that was designed to view objects in 3D as well as on a slide. The stereo microscope is slightly easier for children to use because you can use both eyes and don’t have the “one eye open, one eye closed” issue. It’s also great for examining everyday things such as plants, bugs, twigs, hairs, fibers, etc. There are a couple of drawbacks that kept the I-explore Scope from being the best children’s microscope. The first issue is that it only has a 20x magnification. It is essentially a glorified magnifying glass, only it’s about 5 times more powerful. Another drawback is that it can’t be used for translucent activities (although you would need more power to see anything that would require staining). Finally it’s just a bit more expensive then the Duo-Scope. This is a great portable microscope for kids and really you can’t go wrong with either one.

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Recommended Ages: 8-18 years

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