Best Kids Learning Tablet

I realized that the best kids tablet can be fairly ambiguous considering that it doesn’t distinguish the age group. Below you’ll find our recommendation for the best kids learning tablet. If you are looking for a tablet that your kids can use to play apps, surf the internet and watch videos check out our recommendation for the best tablet for kids

If you are looking to give your child the latest technology to learn with while simultaneously recovering your own tablet, there are slew of learning tablets that are on the market. All of them mix education with entertainment, but a large part of our recommendation went to the tablet that had the stronger emphasis on learning.

Best Learning Tablet for Kids

Best Learning Tablet for Kids

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The two biggest players in the kid’s learning tablet market are the VTech Innotab and the Leapster LeapPad. This is actually fairly surprising as each one is drastically different from the other. But after extensively reviewing both, the clear winner is the Leapster LeapPad and here’s why:

LeapPad is a Better Value – The LeapPad is just about twice as much as the VTech Innotab but it delivers more than twice as much in value. To start with, the build of the unit is way more solid. Figuring that a learning tablet like this is going to be designed for younger kids who are notoriously hard on these types of toys, the LeapPad can withstand being dropped, dragged, stepped on and kicker around.

LeapPad has Better Apps – The LeapPad kids tablet comes with 4 apps (Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio and One more that you choose). Then there is the library of a 100+ other apps that you can get. Granted, many of these are also compatible with the other Leapster electronics (which is a plus if you already one it). The Leapster games are much more developed and have a more polished gameplay experience (what you’d expect really) whereas some of the Innotab games seem more cobbled together to make a quick buck.

LeapPad Apps are More Educational – Probably the most important feature (for choosing the best learning tablet for kids) is that the Leapster games have a stronger emphasis on learning. This allows the child to interact, using the stylus, to practice an amazing curriculum including spelling, phonics, math, science, music, geography, etc.

Biggest Downfall is that the LeapPad isn’t a Cheap Kids Tablet

The LeapPad excels in just about every category and is sure to provide a terrific experience to your son or daughter, but the biggest downfall is that it’s not cheap. As I mentioned above, the LeapPad is nearly double the price but, as with most things in life, you are getting what you pay for.
Other, smaller drawbacks include the fixed memory on the LeapPad. The internal storage for games and pictures is only 2GB and there isn’t any ability to expand it with an SD card. And it also lacks the ability to play movies and mp3s so you are pretty much focused on using their games or taking pictures with the built in camera.

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