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Teaching your children music is one of the best things you can do to help develop their appreciation for art as well as build discipline. But did you know that kids who play music are better at math as well? The same patterns and formulas that are used to compose music are rooted in math and all of that counting helps them think mathematically. In any case, one of the best ways you can teach your child music is by giving them piano lessons. And rather than go out and buy a piano, buying the best kids keyboard will both allow them to learn the basics while also not breaking the bank. But what keyboard is the best for kids will depend on your child’s age and interest. With that in mind below are our two picks for the best children’s keyboards for basic and more advanced playing.

Best Basic Keyboard for Kids

The best keyboard for kids

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If your child is just starting out and you are looking to get them something basic that will allow them to play around and learn the basics such as fingering, rhythm, chords, etc. our pick for the best beginner’s keyboard is the Casio SA-75. The keyboard itself contains 37 keys and can play four notes at a time. This is more than enough to teach kids on the basics of chords and octaves. It also has an onboard display that shows where the note you played falls on which line on both the treble and bass staffs (staves?). It also has a visual and auditory metronome that keeps time with the song being played so the child can watch as well as feel the rhythm.

The Casio keyboard also has a range of different pre-sampled songs, instruments and rhythms that can literally provide hours of fun just checking them all out. And as your child gets into it, they can use the hands-free headset that comes with it to sing along or two kids can take turns playing and singing.

Probably the best feature about the unit is the price. For under 50 bucks you get a decent keyboard that has all the essentials needed to learn, a ton of different options to keep them playing around, a sing-a-long headset and is lightweight and portable that can take it just about anywhere.

Click Here to Buy the Casio SA-75 Keyboard

Best Digital Piano for Kids

A great digital piano for children

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If your child is really into the piano and you are looking to purchase something that will suit his practice needs without taking up too much space or costing too much, you will want to upgrade to a digital piano. By getting your child a digital piano you will have the benefit of weighted keys that feel just like a piano (or pretty darn close), a more realistic sound (which may or may not be important), and most importantly a full 88 key keyboard. By buying a digital piano you are making a sizeable investment but rest assured that this will last them for the majority of their adolescent piano career. Plus, since they are about the size of a keyboard, they are very portable and can fit into a dorm room/apartment should they want to take it with them to college.

The best digital piano for kids is the Casio PX-130. This digital piano offers all of the features you would need from a piano and is a very good value for the price. The scaled hammer-action keys provide a realistic response that trains your fingers to press down appropriately, it has a beautiful sound that very closely mimics that of a grand piano and it has the power to support even the most robust music performances without sound garbling or dropped notes.

In addition to the basic features, the Casio PX-130 has many teaching functions built in such as a metronome for keeping time and an instruction mode that splits the keyboard into two of the same range so that the instructor can play alongside the student.

It also has some great recording and studio options as well. The built in 2-track recorder allows you to record two other functions so that you can layer pieces or set up a duet to play along with. It also has a USB connector that allows you to sync up with software on your computer.

Finally, the unit is extremely portable. The Casio PX-130 weighs only 28 pounds and you can set it up on a desk, kitchen table or coffee table and then take it down when done. Or if you prefer to permanently set it up, you can purchase a wooden stand that will look very professional no matter where it’s located.

Click Here to Buy the Casio PX-130 88-Key Digital Piano

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