Best Kids Headphones

The issue of headphones is a tricky one. You want your kids to enjoy their music or DVD, but you don’t want them to develop bad habits and listen to music too loudly. So the best kids headphones will undoubtedly have the ability to limit volume. But there are other features such as padding, comfort and durability that are important as well. So whether you are looking for some kids headphones for airplanes or just the car for a trip, we present our kids headphones review.

Best Kids Headphones

The Best Kids Headphones

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It was a close call, but the Kidz Gear headphones were deemed the best headphones for kids. The Kidz Gear brand headphones has gotten rave reviews (over 150 as of this writing) scoring high marks for sound quality, fit and durability. What makes the Kidz Gear headphones stand out is that they are more or less a smaller version of adult headphones. Where most other headphones for kids are colored or contain kid’s graphics (something that gets old as the kids get older), these look like professional headphones and can fit kids from approximately 2 years all the way through early teens and quite possibly beyond.

Now most kid’s headphones have some sort of volume limiter that prevents the volume from getting too loud, but what makes these headphones different is that the headphones themselves have a volume control knob built in, plus it has a volume limit cable that will supply approximately 80% of the maximum volume. This is great for occasions where you don’t need the volume limits or once they get older and can be trusted to keep the volume in control.

The headphones construction is the same as adult headphones using the exact same materials and design. It has great sound quality making them a good buy for the long haul (just to be clear, we’re not talking Bose caliber sound…but still really good). So if you’re using a kids portable DVD player or just using a CD player, they won’t miss a thing.

Best of all these headphones are pretty cheap, so you really can’t go wrong.

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Second Best Kids Headphones

Second Best Kids Headphones

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The runner up is the Griffin MyPhones headphones. These headphones are geared a little bit more towards the younger segment of children providing fun changeable covers.

As with most children’s headphones, they have a built in volume limiter that is set to 85 decibels (which is the recommended level by regulatory agencies such as OSHA). These headphones are fairly comfortable as they sit on the ear with plenty of padding. The sound quality is great and the durability aspect of them is superb. It has an extra long 50 inch cord that makes plugging them into any DVD player on the back of the headrest very easy.

The only drawback that these headphones have is that they are built just a little too small. So if your child has a larger than average head you will want to go with the Kidz Gear headphones as they have more room to grow.

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