Best Kids Headphones for iPhones and iPads

With kids having so much access to technology, and especially the Apple products, we thought it would be appropriate to see what some of the best kids headphones for iPhones, iPads, and iPods there are. Keep in mind that any headphones will work on the iPad, iTouch, etc.; but there are special headphones that both optimize the music and the functionality of these products while keeping the kids hearing in check.

Best Headphones for iPhones and iPads

These headphones are great for Ipads, Ipods and Iphones

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In our review of the best kids headphones, we talked about the Kidz Gear wired headphones and why they worked great for children of all ages. Well, the same company went so far as to create a special set of headphones that utilize the playback controls that are incorporated on the iPhone, iPod, and even the iPad.

The latest generation of these devices all feature the ability to be controlled by an inline remote that is attached to the headphones. The biggest problem; however, is that, up until now, there were no kids headphones that can control the volume and playback on an iPod, etc. This means that you are stuck with the stock earbuds that apple provides or ones that don’t have any volume control.

These kids heaphones are made specifically for apple ipods, iphones and ipadsAnd that’s where the Kidz Gear headphones for iPods really shine. Being designed for kids they have the same durability and structure that are meant to fit children’s heads and they have the Kidzcontrol (TM) volume limiter that maintains a safe volume for young ears. Like we said before, they are basically adult quality headphones that are meant for kids.

Should you be the type of parent that will allow your kids to have an iPhone (or other smartphone) these headphones also feature a built-in microphone for talking on the phone. This allows them to accept a call and return to music playback without ever taking their phone out of their pocket.

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these headphones will limit the volume while listening to ipods and ipadsOne of the biggest advantages that we can see in using these headphones is that it gives both the parents and the kids a piece of mind. For the parents, you get to enjoy the silence of having your kids entertained by the iPad, iPod, etc while knowing that they can’t damage their hearing by listening to the movies or music too loudly. For the kids, they get a quality pair of headphones that have the convenience of operating their Apple or smartphone device and they know that they won’t get nagged to turn the music down (something that I can remember when being a kid).

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