Best Kids Halloween Costumes

When it comes to holidays, few are as fun as Halloween: getting to dress up in a crazy costume, go door to door getting candy, and staying up way past bedtime. But it can be just as fun for the parents: finding cool costumes, seeing the look of thrill and excitement on their faces and dealing with the sugar overload. Ok, well not all of it.

If you searched for the best Halloween costumes for kids you are either looking for best place to buy Halloween costumes online or you are looking for ideas on what to costume to buy for your kids. If you fall into the first category, there is no better place to buy Halloween costumes online than Amazon. They have a huge selection of costumes for kids of every age group and all sorts of themes and they have some of the lowest prices on the internet.

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Meanwhile if you are simply looking for some costume ideas check out some of the most popular Halloween costumes for boys and girls:

Best Kids Costume for Girls

Pink Supergirl Costume

Topping the list of favorite Halloween costumes is the pink Supergirl costume. Just like the classic Superman, each girl can feel the same empowerment of flying through the air faster than a speeding bullet. This costume comes in pink and silver and has an attached cape belt and boots. Being officially licensed means that it’s both true to form and made with quality (not some fly by night costume rip-off)

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Strawberry Shortcake

Girls Strawberry Shortcake Costume

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One of the favorite costumes of young girls is Strawberry Shortcake. This cute Halloween costume for girls will have your child feeling just like Strawberry Shortcake hanging with her friends in Berryville. The costume comes with a dress, stockings and hat (don’t forget to pick up the wig that has Strawberry Shortcake’s signature bright red hair). Also good for playing dress-up, you can guarantee that this costume will get plenty of mileage.

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Monster High Draculaura

Girls Draculaura Costume from Monster High

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With Monster High running at an all time high, there’s no doubt that the older girls will be loving this costume. All of the Monster High costumes are available that feature the characters Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Cleo De Nile. Each costume features shirt with attached vest and a skirt with attached leggings. This officially licensed product put the ghoul back into Halloween, but in a fun way.

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Girl’s Cinderella Costume

Cinderella Costume for Girls

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Here’s another cute one for a young girl, the Disney’s Cinderella costume. Every little girl wants to be a princess and what better than to be the best, most famous one of all! This prestige Cinderella costume for girls is adorned with glitter all along the dress, has a petticoat to go along with the dress, plus matching headpiece and choker. Best of all there is a little Cinderella “Cameo” right on the dress to bring the magic of Cinderella to life.

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Some More Ideas for the Best Halloween Costumes for Girls

Here are some more costumes ideas for girls. Click on the picture to learn more about each of the costumes and/or to purchase the costume.

Best Kids Costumes for Boys

Boy’s Stealth Ninja Costume

Boys Ninja Costume

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If there’s a top ten list somewhere of what every boy wants to be, a stealth ninja is most definitely on it. Nothing is as cool as being able to sneak around undetected and defeat foes through martial arts. This stealth ninja costume for boys has a Ninja jumpsuit with the attached ties, a belt that holds foam throwing stars and a hood and face mask (for whatever reason the swords aren’t included). Don’t expect the fun to end come November 1st as he will continue to play with this costume.

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Harry Potter Costume

Boys Harry Potter Costume With the popularity of the Harry Potter movies and the recent release of the Deathly Hallows Pt 2, it’s no wonder that this is one of the best boys Halloween costumes. Get the signature look of Harry with the officially licensed costume that has a Hogwart’s robe, the signature wire rimmed glasses and a plastic magic wand that looks just like the real thing. Don’t be surprised if they are asking to play quiddich in the backyard!

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Captain America Costume

Boys Captain America Costume Continuing with the movie hero trend, here is the Captain America Halloween costume. This costume is the “officially licensed” version that has everything from the hooded mask to the signature Captain America bodysuit that has built in muscles for extra awesomeness! Don’t forget to pick up that cool star shield (sold separately)

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Transformer’s Optimus Prime Costume

Boys Optimus Prime Costume Some kids were into the comic book characters, but then there were those who were into the Transformers. And for those kids, no Autobot was cooler than Optimus Prime. This costume includes the jumpsuit with the attached foam chest, two foam cuffs and the character mask. The best part is if they try really hard they can actually transform into the semi (not really, but you may want to tell them that to see how long it takes before they give up).

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Some More Ideas for the Best Halloween Costumes for Boys

Here are some more costumes ideas for boys. Click on the picture to learn more about each of the costumes and/or to purchase the costume.

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