Best Kids Acoustic Guitar

Exposing your children early on to music and the arts is a great way to get them well rounded, and playing a musical instrument teaches all sorts of skills like math, discipline and cooperation. And probably the best kids musical instruments are guitars: they are relatively easy to learn, very popular with boys (and increasingly with girls with the rise of stars like Taylor Swift) and can be fairly inexpensive. So before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on a full guitar, we’ve recommended the best kids guitar starter kit to see if they catch on and want to become serious about playing.

Best Kids Acoustic Guitar

Best Guitar for Kids

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From a parent’s perspective, the acoustic guitar is great because it can’t get too loud, can be played anywhere (doesn’t need electricity) and can be fairly inexpensive. But you take your chances when you buy a guitar starter kit for kids because many of the cheap kids guitars are poor quality making them sound horrible or is difficult to use, both of which makes it difficult for a child to stay interested.

So our pick for the best kids acoustic guitar is the Crescent 38 inch beginner guitar. This guitar is a student beginner kit so it comes with a strung guitar, and extra set of strings, a pitch-pipe tuner, a shoulder strap, and a soft shell gig bag.

The guitar itself is of average construction, but it has several key qualities that make it a fantastic bargain. The first is that it keeps its tune well. Many cheap kids guitars can’t stay in tune because of the inferior construction. This model will stay in tune, or close, for a decent amount of time so your child can spend less time tuning and focus on playing. The other great value is that it has amazing resonance and a great sound for a kids guitar. So long as you don’t expect it to sound like a Martin, I think you and your child will be pleased.

It’s also a great bargain because of the kit that comes with it. Nothing is all that great, but you can literally tune the guitar and start playing right away. You may want to purchase some additional stuff down the road: like a digital tuner and perhaps a better case if they take lessons or travel to friends house (don’t forget extra picks, those always get lost!). But at under 30 bucks, this is a great value.

Click Here to Buy the Beginner Coffee Acoustic Guitar Kit

Best Guitar for Girls

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They also have a pink girls acoustic guitar version which you can purchase here:

Click Here to Buy the Pink Acoustic Guitar Set

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